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Having a Ph.D. with 20+ years in the corporate world, primarily in international banking and regional commercial banking, followed by 10 years leading an institution of higher education, I have had the opportunity to hear many inspirational speakers. I have known Robert (Rocky) Detwiler for three years. I have heard him speak to a variety of audiences and found, in each case, a remarkable experience. Rocky has a story that is heartwarming and motivating. His life experience runs the gamete, from mediocre to riches to the complete loss of fortune and family. From a state of total loss and despair, Rocky discovers a secret from deep within and transforms himself into a service-oriented personal success. He is creating multiple avenues to share his secret for personal transformation. He will absolutely spellbound all audiences with his impacting story and provide each participant with a secret that can shift them into their own personal journey of transformation. Rocky will be a fresh and energetic spark to any group and all will feel a rekindled joy of life and personal worth.