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Rocky Detwiler’s 5-step process for achieving success is changing lives around the world. The Samson Effect equips you with the simple steps and tested tools you need to tap into the most powerful force in the universe – the absolute power of your words. This unseen force you wield every day produces positive transformation or terrible destruction. If you are searching for a real life change with lasting effects, then this is the book for you. This blueprint, formed from Rocky’s own desperate struggle for survival following tremendous loss, will create the personal and professional lifestyle of your dreams.

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Are you ready to reach higher and feel the satisfaction of true happiness?

One of the best books on success that we have had on the show in the past 28 years.
Bill Horan, Host of The Secrets of Success Radio

The Samson Effect gives you the confidence to change anything in your life. A better version of you is within your grasp as you read through these compelling pages. Fully determine your goals and dreams for your life and see how small daily tasks become new habits.

The Samson Effect equips you with the simple steps and tested tools you need to tap into the most powerful force in the universe – the absolute power of words. This unseen force you wield every day produces positive transformation or terrible destruction. If you are searching for a real life transformation with lasting effects, then this is the book for you. The Samson Effect's simple five-step process positively transforms individuals, couples, teens, companies, schools, and government agencies.

The key to your best life ever and to achieving all of your dreams is already inside you. You have all of the tools you need and Rocky will show you how to access and unleash this ultimate power. Prepare to transform your thinking as you learn to unlock your hidden potential.

The Samson Effect is a proven plan of action, formed from the author’s own desperate struggle for survival following tremendous loss, that will create the lifestyle of your dreams. Rocky uses this effective method to continually transform his life and will teach you how you can do the same. In The Samson Effect your ideal life is only one powerful thought away.

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I believe full-heartedly that the Samson Life Challenge, that Rocky has put together, is a huge piece in providing what our kids need to be successful right now and in their future. I look forward with great expectation to hear the words of these teens a few years down the road exclaiming, “My life matters!… Read more “”

Brenda Hurst, Mom and TIP Volunteer

Rocky is such an inspirational speaker, author, and uplifting motivator. I was blown away at his attention to detail. This isn’t your everyday challenge. The material, personal coaching, encouragement and attention to your personal growth has been one of the best things I have done in terms of personal development. I would highly recommend Rocky… Read more “”

Lachlan MacGillivray, Realtor at Silvercreek Realty Group

I’ve purchased a lot of self-help books over the years but this one is special! This is a beautiful story of a Phoenix rising from the ashes of hurt. It’s a must read for anyone that is scared and needs a guidebook or maybe you just need a boost to create the environment for success.… Read more “”

Ben Wiese, Product Manager for Multiquip Inc.

If you’ve ever wanted a clear, concise, step-by-step blueprint to creating a life filled with abundance, happiness, and fulfillment, this is the place to start. Rocky Detwiler scoops up the principles learned from his own rising-from-the-ashes story, polishes them to a mirror shine, and delivers them to the reader in easy to implement segments. It… Read more “”

Josh Brunner, Owner and SEO Specialist at Target My Audience

If you are ever offered a chance to hear Rocky speak, I highly recommend you take advantage of that opportunity. Your life will be changed for the better.

Rachel Cyr, Teacher at Kuna School District

This the real deal: an authentic way to transform one’s life! Rocky has been there and, thus, he speaks from the heart and clearly cares about his reader. You will feel his energy and optimism, you will likely find your own inspiration and discover your own path to a more fulfilled life! Highly recommended!

Ken Perkes, Realtor for Keller Williams and former Special Assistant U.S. Attorney for U.S. Dept. of Justice

This is a great step-by-step book to guide the reader into a simple way in starting to improve your entire life, through the power of positive words and instructions on how to reprogram your thinking. Rocky is an inspirational author, is down to earth in his simple plan to improve the things that matter in… Read more “”

Devon Fletcher, Owner of Fletcher Group Real Estate

One of the best books on success that we have had on the show in the past 28 years.

Bill Horan, Host of The Secrets of Success Radio

The death of my father, and my sister going through a divorce was tough for all of us at the holiday season, and Samson Wear brings a message of inspiration and hope. Wearing these Samson Wear words has brought cheer to some tough circumstances.

Matt, Hawaii

It’s a rare person who can truly be considered an effective speaker and author, someone who can break through the noise and the clutter. Rocky Detwiler is that kind of effective communicator.

Dan Long, Founder of TeenHabits

Very motivational and inspiring no matter what challenges you have in life.

Lance Henning, Global Sales Manager at Gemtech Silencer

The power of positive words, physical, emotional and financial health are all keys that Detwiler eloquently structures for his readers to develop a successful and resilient life experience. Through a deep personal story of success, loss and personal rebuilding, this book provides real solutions and behavioral strategies for everyone.

Stewart Wilder, President at Interim HealthCare and Founder of LiveWilder Foundation

Great book, nice reminder about how our words can impact our self and others. This team (Rocky and his wife) is doing great things in this world. Get this book and allow it to be a source of inspiration for you and your family and your business. If you read only one book this year,… Read more “”

Michael Burgdorf MD, MPH, President at Music City Plastic Surgery and Bestselling Author of THE MOMMY MAKEOVER

Rocky’s message of hope, inspiration and dedication to his principles are a breath of fresh air in these trying times. I believe his ability to relate such a positive life story in the face of such a trying loss is the current “American” story. Rocky has a message of just what it means to overcome… Read more “”

Dennis McManamon, Owner of Health Revolution Group and Diabetes Support Network, Member of Gem State Kiwanis

This book is a must-read for everyone! Rocky’s encouraging message of hope, having a never give up attitude, and creating the life you’ve always dreamed of with the power of your words and your thoughts is life-changing! His story is amazing – from being a millionaire to being a squatter, moving into a tree house… Read more “”

Christy Hovey, Author of The 9-to-5 Escape Artist: A Startup Guide for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads

Everyone needs this program. It has totally changed the way I speak and view challenges. Events that used to bring out my worst are now viewed through a different lens. I can let stress roll away which makes everyone around me happier too! Thank you for this simple yet life-changing book.

Dr. Judy Morgan DVM, Host of Naturally Healthy Pets Radio Show and author of Yin & Yang Nutrition for Dogs: Maximizing Health with Whole Foods, Not Drugs

I can tell you that there is no question in my mind, but that Rocky made the greatest impact of anyone we have brought in. He inspired, motivated and encouraged in ways that no one else has.

Larry Willis, Workforce Consultant at Idaho Dept. of Labor

Wonderful motivational piece, regardless of where you’re at!

Sandy Jones, Publisher of Christian Living Magazine

We had an overwhelming amount of people sign up for the Samson Life Challenge. To see the growth in this short amount of time with some of them is remarkable. We have smokers that have stopped smoking, out of shape folks now going to the gym, individuals switching their energy drinks out for water, and… Read more “”

Jason Erickson, General Manager of Dennis Dillon Mazda/Kia

I love this story. The author went from suicidal to kicking ass. There are some great lessons here. And it’s a workbook. Challenging. Very healthy reading.

David Arnold, Helicopter Cameraman for Deadliest Catch and Author of Help From Above

One of the most inspiring stories we’ve run across in some time.

Zubin Mehenti, SportsCenter Anchor on ESPN

Having a Ph.D. with 20+ years in the corporate world, primarily in international banking and regional commercial banking, followed by 10 years leading an institution of higher education, I have had the opportunity to hear many inspirational speakers. I have known Robert (Rocky) Detwiler for three years. I have heard him speak to a variety… Read more “”

William K. Bach, Jr. Ph.D., International Banker and Author of Healing After Divorce

This book is a powerful reminder that the human will can transform the mind, body and soul of a man. An amazing true story of how losing in life can help us find a win at every level of life that is both lasting and important. Rocky’s story delivers the punch to change!

Dennis Conforto, Chairman & CEO of HouseCheck and author of Life Done Right