Rocky Detwiler

Speaker Testimonials

Rocky is such an inspirational speaker and uplifting motivator. I was blown away at his attention to detail and depth with his Life Challenge. This isn’t your everyday
challenge. The material, personal coaching, encouragement and attention to your personal growth has been one of the best things I have done in terms of personal development. I would highly recommend Rocky and his Samson Life Challenge to anyone and as a motivational speaker to a company.

Lachlan MacGillivray | Silvercreek Realty Group


I wanted to take a moment to “Thank You” for speaking to the staff at the Idaho Department of Labor. Your presentation was very timely. The staff was feeling down and very tired. After your presentation they had a sense of hope, confirmation, and motivation. The morale has not been any higher than it is right now. Continue to do the good work you do and spread the word. Your presentation about the words we use makes people stop and think about what we say, how we say it and the words we use when we say it.

I’m always here to support you as a colleague, friend and partner.

Thanks again,

John Russ | Manager Idaho Department of Labor


Having a Ph.D with 20+ years in the corporate world, primarily in international banking and regional commercial banking followed by 10 years leading an institution of higher education, I have had the opportunity to hear many inspirational speakers. I have known Rocky Detwiler for over three years. I have heard him speak to a variety of audiences and found in each case a remarkable experience. Rocky has a story that is heartwarming and motivating. His life experience runs the gamete from mediocre to riches to the complete loss of fortune and family. From a state of total loss and despair, Rocky discovers a secret from deep within and transforms himself into a service oriented personal success. He is creating multiple avenues to share his secret for personal transformation. He will absolutely spell bound all audiences with his impactful story and provide each participant with a secret that can shift them into their own personal journey of transformation. Rocky will be a fresh and energetic spark to any group and all will feel a rekindled joy of life and personal worth.

William K. Bach, Jr. Ph.D International Banker and University Director, Boise ID.


Rocky – I’ve been public speaking since I was 12 years old in the State speech contests, High School State president of the Catholic Youth Organization, numerous coaching positions and sales seminars. I’ve attended many sales training sessions and inspirational seminars and classes.

I’ve also been in sales management for about 35 years.
Your talk yesterday was the most inspirational I’ve ever witnessed. GREAT JOB!

Mike Thacker GM of Building Pros, Boise, ID


I just want you to know how much I have appreciated what you have done for a significant number of Professional level job seekers I have the privilege to work with on a weekly basis. I have been holding networking meetings every Friday for almost five years now. I bring in guest speakers quite frequently from many local businesses; most are either Hiring or HR managers, or recruiters. On occasion I also bring in motivational speakers to help encourage the job seekers stay motivated in a very discouraging process of seeking their career opportunity.

I can tell you that there is no question in my mind, but that you made the greatest impact of anyone we have brought in. You inspired, motivated and encouraged in ways that no one else has. This was very evident in that most in attendance did not want to leave when you concluded your presentation. They hung around for a long time, and you showed your true character by spending time with each individual who wanted to speak with you.

The week following I received numerous emails thanking me for having you come in to speak. They expressed very similar comments like “wow that is exactly what I needed to hear”.

You have an amazing gift as a communicator, but more importantly it is evident that you have a great desire and ambition to make a change in as many lives as possible. I was reminded of this when I heard you speak at a recent networking event. In ten short minutes you communicated very clearly your belief in the power of “words” and how they make a difference in our lives. The room was full, and they all commented on the value you and your message has brought to them personally.

Thank you again for sharing you life and message.

Larry Willis | Workforce Consultant Idaho Department of Labor