The Power of Words to Transform

Rocky and his company, Samson LIFE, believe in the power of words to transform lives.

Your thoughts and words matter and have power

Words are like seeds that carry with them the power of the meaning of that word. So when words (thought, spoken or written) are planted in our impressionable minds and tender hearts, they take root and grow into the meaning associated with that word. If that word carries a positive meaning then positive and welcome things unfold. If a negative meaning weighs down a word, then the unwanted occurs. Words have the power to create or destroy, lift up or tear down.

Words are the seeds of creation. Words define who you will become. That begs two obvious questions:

  • Who do you want to become?
  • What do you want to create?

You get to decide.

Now, I suspect that this idea is wonderful and worrying. Words are the foundation upon which our lives are built. The words we think, speak and write established our past, create our present and will form our future. As you consider more fully the concept that words can be used to create the life of your dreams, it should instill hope and happiness.

There is NO greater force on earth than the power of words. You possess the most powerful force in the world: the power to speak positive words and change your life. That is why the Samson LIFE mission is to teach you to use the Power of Your Words to transform your life.

We believe in you, love you, and care about you. You are important to this world and have much to offer. You are about to embark on a journey to explore one of the most powerful forces in the history of man. Your future is waiting for your powerful thoughts and words to define it. Who do you want to become? What do you want to create?

Now, examine for a moment your own life experience.

Don’t worry. It’s only for a moment.

  1. Can you think of a time when words hurt so deeply that it changed your behavior or belief about yourself?
  2. Have you ever read or heard words of encouragement or praise that lifted you up from darkness into light?

 “When you positively change your thoughts and words, that action powers the beneficial habits that form an amazing, transformed lifestyle.”